It’s with the help of around 200 volunteers like you, willing to give up their time to make a difference to someone else’s Christmas Day, that makes the party run like clockwork. GDPR rules mean we cannot contact previous volunteers without consent, so please tick those boxes on the downloadable form, should you wish to apply again. Here is a brief overview of the various Volunteer duties:

Often family-based, both these morning-only activities are done either side of Christmas Day. Set up includes laying tables, placing chairs, setting up the drinks station and putting signage indoors and out. Break down includes general cleaning of kitchen and hall areas, retrieving signage, packing glasses, moving tables and chairs, etc, so we leave the School as clean and tidy as we found it.

Food Preparation and Washing Up both involve sharp items, and our insurance doesn’t allow anyone under the age of 16 to therefore work in the kitchens. Kitchen duties include veg prep, making stuffing balls, plating up meals in the servery and much more. Experienced / qualified cooks are preferred to support our professional Chef and his Assistant.

Whether a transport steward or actually meeting and greeting, this is the first impression guests get on the day. Friendly and helpful, you will also need to assist guests to be seated at a table and introduce them to their Table Hosts.

Hot and cold drinks are served to guests throughout the day from a designated station, with an AM and PM team.

Waiting tables efficiently and joyfully will be under the instruction of the Servery Manager who will also advise when to clear plates and who to provide with any special diet option.

Cheerful and engaging, our table hosts keep the party going on each table of guests, answering any questions guest may have, such as where the toilets are, what’s happening next, or advising the Waiting Team about any special diet meals needed.

Always helpful and attentive, our drivers use their own vehicles to collect and return guests home, may need to assist those with mobility issues, accommodate a wheelchair, or do an emergency run if a guest has to leave early.

Outside of the Christmas period there are other duties where volunteers can help the committee, including collecting and delivering provisions or wrapping up of the gifts which we provide to all our guests. Just tick the box on the application form and we will be back in touch to discuss these further.

Some roles may need only a couple of hours, others can be all day, and experienced volunteers will be approached to act as Supervisors to their teams. We cannot accept children under the age of 13 for Christmas Day roles, and the minimum age to work in the kitchen and wash-up areas is 16, due to insurance. Applications forms will be available from mid September.

Any enquiries please contact our Volunteer Co-Ordinator.